How to stay calm during menstrual cycle


Ketika saya sudah mulai aneh dan bertingkah kurang wajar maka Richard sudah mulai paham saya sedang Period. Nangis tanpa alasan ga jelas, diam seribu kata, ingin sendiri dan tidurpun ingin sendiri during periods berlangsung.

My period itself is fine but just the bad mood. oh God, entahlah ya !

Saya coba cari tau di How to stay calm during Periods.
== Steps ==

1. Warn people ahead of time that you’re not in a good mood. That way they’ll be more prepared for possible irritable behaviour from you.

2. Try to relax. The more you relax, the more controlled you are.

3. Take the Time to Pamper Yourself, Treat yourself. Spend half an hour body-brushing before a shower or applying moisturiser all over your body in a mini-massage. Get your nails done, or a facial.

4. If you feel nervous or sick, excuse yourself from the room you happen to be in”’ (if necessary) and try drinking some water – you might feel a bit better. Just relax and take deep breaths.

5. Stop Thinking Too Much. Stop thinking about it. Worrying about it all the time would make you even more nervous and irritable. Keep yourself busy.

6. Be empathetic. Try to empathize and understand that not everyone is trying to annoy or anger you.

7. Change your pad/tampon regularly. It will make you less worried about stains, odours, cleanliness, etc.

8. Let it all out! When you get to a “safe” place, such as your bedroom, release any of the bad emotions you’ve been hiding during the day. Crying in response to the hormonal balance in your body is perfectly natural, and will help to relieve tension.


6 thoughts on “How to stay calm during menstrual cycle

  1. Gara says:

    Wewh, tips yang bagus. Tahu soal ini berarti bisa belajar menghadapi orang-orang sekitar yang sedang mengalaminya juga :hehe. Thank you!


  2. afiiarifiani says:

    Halo mba.. Salam kenal ya 🙂
    Sharingnya bermanfaat banget, tapi kayaknya prakteknya susah ya? hehehe
    Aku kok tapi lebih sering moody nya setelah selesai ya? Not before and during the periods time 😐


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